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Emma is a Reiki  Master Teacher and Crystal Healer, living in Mid-Devon with her husband and son.  She has her own Tiverton based practice, and is mobile throughout her area..  Emma works with a wide range of clients throughout mid and North Devon.

Emma is an enthusiastic tutor of Reiki, I,II, and III, as well as Crystal Healing.  She is also a massage therapist, having studied at Holistic Therapies Training Academy, and is delighted to be with them to deliver her therapies.  Emma's varied career has given her a range of tools and experience that she brings to her work.. She has an educational background in biology, and has been a vocational trainer and assessor since 2001, when she started her journey into training.

Working with energy using Reiki and crystals is wonderfully transformative, and Emma takes a holistic approach when teaching.   The newly attuned Reiki and crystal benefits as much from the energy as will future clients.   Training days include guided meditations, grounding techniques, and methods to shield and protect your own energy when you are healing.  Everyone can benefit from the wonderful healing modalities. 

Emma teaches Reiki & Crystals at both our Bideford & Plymouth venues

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