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Karen Ashton (formerly Kilminster) is the visionary founder of Holistic Therapies Training Academy. Inspired by her own training experiences and keen observations of her students' needs, Karen built the business from the ground up. Having been a business owner previously, as well as an office manager and qualified accountant, she utilised these skills sets to set up this academy. She meticulously crafts all training materials, ensuring they meet industry standards, whether for online courses, accredited programs, or VTCT qualifications. Each course offers comprehensive, high-quality content, maintaining consistent excellence across all formats.

Originally based in Swindon, Wiltshire, Holistic Therapies Training Academy has been featured in the Swindon Advertiser, and Karen has shared her insights on Swindon Radio. In 2011, seeking a better work-life balance for her family, Karen relocated with her two sons to her hometown of Bideford, Devon. This move marked a new chapter, with the business flourishing in North Devon. What began as a single mother's effort to create a better life for her children has grown into a thriving academy. Karen's dedication allowed her to balance work with family time, often taking school holidays off to be with her boys.

Today, with her sons grown up, Karen continues to mentor aspiring therapists, guiding them to achieve their own work-life balance and business success. Her journey from financial independence to becoming a mentor exemplifies her drive and determination. As the academy thrives, Karen now focuses on restoring her own work-life balance, embodying the adage, "From small acorns grow big oaks."

From her garden cabin to running a fully-equipped training academy, Karen's story is a testament to her resilience and passion for helping others succeed.

Karen also known as 'The Aromatherapy Geek' is also an author,  Vlogger, course writer and she is currently working on her 2nd publication.

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