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Tips for choosing a beauty training course / Which massage course should i choose?

  • Check out the venue and tutor before enrolling on a course and find out about their experience in the subject and in teaching. You have to commit to working with this person, so it is important that you feel comfortable with them. Make sure they have a recognised teaching qualification. We are hear to chat with you to put your mind at rest. Our tutor profiles are listed on the venue pages

Always check to ensure that the course is accredited or bench-marked to the NOS as per our VTCT Courses. You will see on our course information pages who our courses are accredited with.

  • Check on the times and dates of the courses and make sure you can attend them all. All of our courses require 100% attendance in order to complete the course.

  • You can do the theory by distance learning, but make sure the practical training covers the minimum requirement for any CPD requirements if you are a member of a professional organisation, such as AOR, FHT. If your membership requires you to attend more practical days with your tutor, please ask us as very often we can accommodate you, further costs may apply.

  • Whilst we offer fast track courses, some of our VTCT courses can be spread out over a period of up to 12 months. Very often we will receive enquiries from students who want to complete their VTCT courses in as quick a time as possible. Whilst this is appealing to many, it is imperative that you take your time to fully learn and understand the therapy and gain experience in the subject you are learning. This creates great professionalism and upholds industry standards.

  • Most of our courses require you to complete case studies as part of the course syllabus, this is important to give you the opportunity to go away and practice what you have learnt in your practical training, and fully understand the therapy before we qualify you to work on the public.

  • All our tutors are experienced in the industry and will be able to offer you not only knowledge in the subject you are learning, but industry and business advice. Our policy is that we offer ongoing mentoring both during and after qualifying so you have piece of mind that you can come to us for advice when you need to.

  • Check with your insurers that they will cover you BEFORE you enrol on any course. This is your responsibility to make sure you are fully covered, as not all insurers will cover an accredited or online course. They may have their own pre-requisites, minimum number of contact hours, and other specifications. Whilst we are not allowed to recommend a particular insurance company to you, we have put together some info on insurance companies who we are affiliated or accredited with, so you can browse and enquire yourselves


At Holistic Therapies Training, we recognise the convenience of home learning, and how this can improve on the student’s knowledge, treatment range and skills they can offer. We also recognise that practical experience is of utmost importance in order to give the best possible treatment, therefore, we do recommend that the students gains practical experience where possible, this may also be a requirement of their insurance company in order for them to insure the certificate. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they meet the requirements of their insurance company before enrolling on any course with Holistic Therapies Training, as refunds are not issued.

NOTE: Whilst home study / distant learning courses provide a great source of information and convenience to the learner, we believe that this cannot substitute practical ‘hands on’ experience. It is at the learner’s discretion to enrol on these courses, and to gain the correct knowledge and experience, as well as further training, where necessary (Some Insurers / Professional memberships may only provide insurance if practical experience has been gained in the subject.) Some of our home study courses, only provide the learner with an introduction to the subject, and we strongly advice they advance their learning with further courses and practical training where appropriate. It can take several years to become knowledgeable and experienced in some subjects.

You may be required to undertake practical training in addition to the home study to be covered, please check with your insurers/professional membership BEFORE enrolling.

I look at online learning as a way for people to increase their knowledge and skills and develop what they already have. This is an opportunity to build on your skills that you already have, and enhance them with further knowledge gained from the online courses. As we all know, it is a responsibility to ensure that treatments are given to the highest of standards, and this, sadly, cannot necessarily be undertaken by just doing an online course. It is the responsibility of you, the therapist, to ensure that you gain practical experience and ensure you are giving treatments to the safest and best way you possibly can. Many students will take our online courses, then go on to gain practical experience in addition to this.

Thank you for reading :-)



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