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Earn income online for therapists

Many of our students and fellow therapists have found new ways to earn money during this past year. Being in lockdown has meant so many have had to adapt their way of working.

And it hasn’t cost them a penny, as they have utilised their current qualifications, or found new skills to master.

Whether you are an aromatherapist, a sports therapist, a nutritionist, a coach or a beauty specialist, here are a few ways you can boost your income

It has helped them while not being able to see their clients face to face

• If you are an aromatherapist – you could carry out online consultations, make custom blends such as roller bottles, nasal inhalers, bath blends for your clients and post it to them, or provide a collection service

• If you offer nutritional consultations – this could be carried out online and you could provide a nutritional report for your client

• If you are a sports or massage therapist you could carry out consultations online and provide some advice for things they could implement at home to help with their condition, until you can get your hands on them again

• If you are a life coach, cognitive behavioural therapist or stress management therapist, you could offer online sessions

• If you are a beauty specialist you could offer online skincare consultations and recommend skincare for your client

• If you retail products, these can be purchased online, with an option of an online consultation, and then you could provide a delivery or collection service for your clients

• Workshops – Many people have turned to online workshops to boost their income. A ‘how to’ workshop has proved to be incredibly popular for many. You could teach your clients so many things to help complement their treatments with you, i.e., home facials, healthy eating plans, how to manage stress, how to use aromatherapy in daily life, how to manage insomnia, meditation sessions, distant Reiki circles, stretches to do at home for lower back pain, or other common ailments. Cuticle & nail care. The list is endless.

The power of online video has been a lifeline for many during the past year, and such a game changer for many in adapting their way to work. We have been eternally grateful for the use of zoom throughout lockdown to keep our students going with their courses, and adapting to teaching online for some of our courses too.

It has been a silver lining for so many people

Stay safe and remember, we are one step closer

Karen xx

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