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Why google reviews are good for your business

Why google reviews are good for your business:

  • They appear next to your listing on google maps

  • They make your business stand out on google & increases online exposure

  • They give your business credibility and a boost

  • They are free to do, and can form a valuable part of your marketing

  • It can improve your ranking on google

  • It increases your online reputation

  • It is a chance for you to prove yourself to potential clients

  • Its a simple and easy way for clients to leave their thoughts on your business

  • It is transparent and proves you are in business

  • It can help a potential client make an informed decision of whether to book with you

  • It increases trust in you, your business & your brand

  • It can serve as pointers on what your clients like about your business

  • It can improve your hits on your website as potential clients click through to find out more about you

By leaving reviews for other businesses too, you are helping that business to build their presence also.

Lets all help each other

Here are some of our google reviews:

Thank you for reading :-)

Karen xx

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