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Why your clients should start their waxing journey with you during the winter?

And why waxing is better than shaving!

When you first start waxing, the hairs can appear to grow back quicker, how come?

This is due to the hair growth cycles: Your hair grows in different growth cycles, the stages of hair growth are called Anagen (active hair growth), Catagen (transition stage) & Telogen (the resting stage.)

Any hairs waxed at a waxing appointment will likely be at the 'Anagen' stage, where they are actively growing.

Subsequent waxing appointments will catch the hairs at their different stages of hair growth as not all hairs grow at the same rate and the hair can appear to grow back quicker as the regrowth is of hairs at a different stage.

Waxing removes the hair from the root, so regrowth will be slower, wherease shaving blunts the hair at the skin level.

Skin can appear rougher and bumpier when shaving, whereas with waxing, not only does it remove the hair from the bulb, but it also removes the dead skin to leave the skin feeling smoother.

People will have different rates of hair growth.

After a few waxing appointments, the time between sessions can increase, and the hair that does grow back tends to be finer and less noticeable, hence what better time to get your clients prepared for the summer and their legs on show, than through the winter months.

If you dont already offer waxing for your clients, why not add this to your treatment list, for repeat business that will keep your diary fuller on a regular basis, check out our waxing courses.

And dont forget, to always ask if your client wants to rebook at the end of their appointment, while you still have their attention.

If you are looking to train in waxing, we have a couple of available dates in October for our warm waxing training course. DM us for more details.

Warm waxing 1 day accredited course -

Thank you for reading

Karen xx

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