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The history of our 'quirky' premises - Bideford, N Devon

💙Our Premises - Part 1💙

Who has visited our 'quirky' premises in Bideford, N Devon?

Many have said it looks like a World War II bunker 🙃

Well here is the amazing pictures from our landlords project

He had a vision, and these pictures show the uncovering of this building

It was underground!

It was a water tank for the local reservoir!

It was full of water!

It wasn't until they purchased the land that they could get inside the tanks to have a look and see what he had actually bought.

The walls are from 5ft thick at the base down to 2ft thick at the top (now our students know why there is a lack of phone signal inside 😉 )

The tanks were built in 1934/5 and designed to hold 150,000 gallons of water

And to top this off, we discovered the building has a very 'spiritual feel' and we will leave that story for another day 😛

Our own vision when taking on these premises, was to create a training room, treatment room and a martial arts dojo. More pictures to follow in part 2 . . . .

To read more on the uncovering of the building, click here -

Thank you for reading :-)

Karen xx

The Aromatherapy Geek

Holistic Therapies Training Academy

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