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Is my qualification recognised?

Our VTCT courses are Ofqual regulated qualifications

What is an Ofqual regulated qualification?

An ofqual regulated qualification is a type of vocational qualification that is overseen and regulated by Ofqual (The office of qualifications and examinations regulation.)

They are a government body that is responsible for maintaining the standards and the quality of the qualifications and assessment.

Their role is to: 1. Set and maintain qualification standards, & provide a fair & consistent assessment process 2. They approve awarding organisations, i.e., exam boards such as The VTCT. They have to meet certain criteria & adhere to Ofqual’s regulations. 3. Monitor assessments and gradings to ensure they are fair, reliable and consistent 4. Ensure transparency by providing clear & accurate information about the qualifications, such as their content, structure & assessment methods 5. Handle complaints & appeals to ensure they are treated fairly & with transparency.

What does this mean to the student?

They can be rest-assured that the qualifications are recognised & respected by employers, professional memberships & organisations, & the government, making them valuable for students to seek to further their education & career opportunities.

Thank you for reading

Karen xx

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