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Massage aftercare advice

When your client comes for a massage, part of your treatment plan is to offer aftercare, so they don't 'undo' all your good work when they get home. Here are a few suggestions: ~ Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours as massage is a detoxifying treatment. ~ Drink plenty of water to assist in the elimination of toxins from the body. ~ Eat a light & healthy diet to assist the detoxification & healing process. ~ Get plenty of rest. You may feel tired after treatment.

~ Gentle exercise - postural exercises can help with muscle tension as well as exercises that will assist with mobility. Yoga is a suitable & gentle exercise option. ~ Do deep breathing exercises to assist with taking in oxygen to your fullest capacity. ~ If you have a stressful life it may be helpful to obtain information about methods of stress management as well as lifestyle changes

Another important factor to explain to your client would be contra-actions. A contra-action is a body’s response to the treatment and can occur during or following a treatment. Here is some info we pass onto our clients, or students to pass on to their clients:

If you experience a reaction to the treatment this is known as a contra-action and is a body’s response to the treatment and can occur during or following a treatment. This is perfectly normal and is the part of the healing and detoxification process following a treatment and will normally subside within 24-48 hours. If however, you experience any severe pain or discomfort, you may want to seek advice from your GP. Some reactions that can occur are: ~ Headache ~ Dizziness or nausea ~ Disrupted sleeping pattern ~ Muscles may feel tired and achy. ~ Increased urination or passing of stools. ~ Increased thirst ~ Fatigue

We also advise our students to not only give verbal aftercare advice following a treatment, but an aftercare advice sheet for them to take home with them, as they will likely forget what you told them by the time they get home

What aftercare advice do you pass onto your clients?

Here is a link to our choice of massage courses, we offer over 50 courses in massage.

Thank you for reading :-)

Karen xx

Holistic Therapies Training Academy

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