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Holistic Therapies Training Academy - About Us

about us

Why choose us?

With an impressive catalogue of over 200 courses and 1300 student enrollments in the past four years, we have thrived and expanded, moving into larger premises featuring three training rooms, a gym, and a martial arts studio complete with a wrestling ring, boxing ring, and MMA cage.


Our continuous growth and the recognition as a multi-award-winning school have enabled us to proudly add 'Academy' to our name, offering the most extensive selection of VTCT, which are OfQual regulated qualifications in the south west region and beyond.

We are proud to announce our partnerships with:

  • Little Willow's Wish charity: Supporting families of critically ill children through fundraising events and essential supply boxes.

  • Zen Combat School Ltd: Providing a 'community' martial arts and fitness service for students with physical and learning needs.

  • RAISED SPIRIT: Developing innovative CBD massage courses and a retail brand in the industry.

  • Zen Waters: A group of skilled professionals passionate about helping others with issues such as abuse, bullying, personal safety, awareness, and empowerment.


Our offerings have expanded to include workshops and training sessions for a local First Aid training school. 


Complementing these are our mental health awareness courses, reflecting the growing needs and awareness within the industry.


The addition of a fitness suite has allowed us to offer sports and fitness courses, ensuring that training remains engaging, fun, and friendly.


Our students frequently refer to us as their 'work family,' a testament to the nurturing and supportive environment we create, where they can develop confidence and skills in a safe space.

We continually evolve to introduce new courses, broadening our students' options. Our diverse curriculum spans beauty, nails, massage, complementary therapies, sports therapies, fitness, business management, finance, customer services, first aid, teacher training, and assessments.


Holistic Therapies Training Academy takes immense pride in our growing team, now consisting of 13 dedicated tutors, each providing a unique and personalised training experience.


Recognising that a one-size-fits-all approach does not serve our students' best interests, we tailor our courses to accommodate individual learning styles, ensuring every student feels supported throughout their educational journey. Our tutors are self-employed therapists & business owners with extensive experience in the therapy industry, imparting invaluable knowledge on setting up and running a successful business. This real-world expertise equips our students with the confidence and skills to launch their own ventures.

By offering group, on-site and one-on-one training, we ensure that each student receives the exact instruction they need to succeed.


Our commitment to student growth and satisfaction is unwavering, and we are dedicated to making their learning journey as enriching and fulfilling as possible.

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Evidence of the Success of Our Training Programmes

At Holistic Therapies Training Academy, the success of our programmes is demonstrated through growing statistics and the achievements of our students:

  • Client Composition: Our bookings comprise approximately 40% new business, 30% student referrals, and 30% returning students.

  • Growth: Our student database has grown to 1300 in just four years.


Our students come from diverse backgrounds, including beginners entering the industry, experienced therapists expanding their skillsets, and those pursuing new career paths.


They have gone on to work in various settings, such as:

  • Local rugby clubs

  • Local hospices

  • Large hotels and spas

  • The travel industry and cruise ships

  • Their own beauty salons, spas, and retreats

  • Becoming tutors and establishing their own training schools

Diverse Student Demographics

Our courses cater to a wide range of individuals:

  • Career Changers: People facing redundancy looking for new career opportunities.

  • Parents: Mums whose children are starting school or leaving home, seeking flexible, part-time careers.

  • Therapists: Those looking to expand their treatment offerings or refresh their skills.

  • Healthcare Professionals: Including nurses, midwives, and doulas.

  • Fitness Professionals: Instructors and personal trainers adding to their qualifications.

  • Animal/Equine Therapists: Individuals incorporating complementary therapies into their practice.

Flexible, Engaging, and Relatable Training

Our study model, with its flexible pace and engaging content, particularly appeals to those seeking to balance work and personal life.


This includes:

  • Qualified therapists adding new skills

  • People wanting a career change

  • Mums wanting to return to work with flexible hours

Positive Student Feedback

The success of our training programmes is also reflected in the glowing testimonials from our students.


Here are a few highlights:

  • Dry Needling Course: "I really enjoyed the experience. The tutor was amazing, completely hands-on and full of relevant knowledge. Strongly recommended."

  • Holistic Therapies Training Academy: "Karen and Jason are very welcoming, and the courses are great. The online portal works really well, and the practical training days are extremely informative."

  • Complementary Therapies Course: "I had looked for years to do a Complementary Therapies course that fit around being a working mum. Karen and Jason made my dream career possible."


Our broad range of courses, knowledgeable tutors, and supportive environment provide an enriching learning experience. The variety of backgrounds of our students and their successful outcomes—whether starting their own businesses or enhancing their current practices—demonstrates the real-world impact and success of our training programmes.


The positive feedback we receive further highlights our commitment to excellence and student satisfaction.

Holistic Therapies Training Academy continues to thrive and evolve, driven by a passion for teaching and a dedication to helping our students flourish both personally and professionally.

Staying Current with Industry Needs and Tracking Student Progress


As a VTCT-approved centre, we undergo rigorous annual inspections to ensure we operate at our highest capability and meet industry standards with up-to-date policies and procedures.


The VTCT (Vocational Training & Charitable Trust) is an OfQual-regulated exam board, ensuring our programs adhere to the highest standards of quality and relevance.

Keeping Up with Industry Needs


We keep our programmes current through several key practices:

  • Annual VTCT Inspections: These ensure our compliance with industry standards and best practices.

  • Continuous Policy Updates: Regular updates to our policies and procedures ensure alignment with industry advancements and regulatory changes.

  • Industry Engagement: Active participation in industry events, forums, and ongoing dialogue with industry experts helps us stay informed about the latest trends and needs.

Tracking Student Progress

We employ a comprehensive approach to track the success and progress of our students:

  • Online Course Platform: Our online platform supports student learning and testing, providing a flexible and efficient way for students to engage with their studies.

  • Database Tracking: All students are logged into our database, allowing us to monitor their progress in real time as they advance through their courses.

  • Practical Classroom Training: Students can attend in-person training sessions to develop their practical skills under the guidance of experienced tutors.

  • Case Studies: Before qualifying, students must complete a series of case studies, applying their knowledge in real-world scenarios to demonstrate their competence.

  • Formal Exams and Assessments: Some courses require students to pass formal exams and assessments, ensuring they have mastered the necessary skills and knowledge.

Ensuring Excellence

By combining online learning, practical application, and rigorous assessments, we ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the industry.


Our systematic tracking and evaluation methods enable us to support each student effectively, ensuring they reach their full potential and are well-equipped for their professional careers.

Comprehensive Support Network for Our Learners


At Holistic Therapies Training Academy, we provide a robust support network to ensure our learners succeed at every step of their educational journey.

Personalised Tutor Support

  • Coursework Tutors: Every student is assigned a dedicated coursework tutor who is there to support them through their studies, providing personalised support and feedback.

  • Practical Training: All practical training sessions are tutor-led, ensuring students receive hands-on guidance and support.


Accessible Online and Administrative Support

  • Online Course Platform: Our platform allows students to direct message us with any questions they may have, ensuring prompt and effective assistance.

  • Private Facebook Group: We offer a private, student-dedicated Facebook group that provides additional support and networking opportunities.

  • WhatsApp Messaging Service: For quick and convenient communication, we offer a WhatsApp messaging service.

  • Student Admin Support Assistant: We have a dedicated Student admin support assistant to help with administrative queries and provide additional support, ensuring a smooth learning experience.


Enhanced Learning Materials

We have recently updated our course materials to better support students with learning needs, such as dyslexia.

Many of our online lessons are now available in audio and visual formats, making the content more accessible.

Positive Feedback and Recommendations

Our commitment to student support is reflected in the positive feedback we receive.


You can read our Google reviews and Facebook recommendations to see how our students value the support and community we provide:

Through personalised tutoring, accessible online support, administrative assistance, and enhanced learning materials, we ensure that every student has the resources and assistance they need to thrive in their studies and beyond.

  • Fun

  • Friendly

  • Flexible learning

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Experience a fun & friendly environment here at Holistic therapies training academy, where our flexible learning is tailored to fit each individuals learning styles & busy lives.

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